Universal Organic Company Keyvisual

Our team

Building a sustainable business through our team.

We are committed to projects that support children and the youth.
With our social engagement, we make Ghana a more fair and conducive environment for growth.

With the German Association's Succeed in Ghana e.V., we give them a professional perspective of their lives, with after schoolprograms in areas of sport, arts and Information Technology programmes, etc.

We protect them from child labour and influences which may hinder a responsible adulthood and future for these young people.

We sponsor orphans, the sick and deprived pregnant women by paying their hospital bills.


CSR is who we are.

Our corporate social responsibility.

Our business thrives on our energetic and able staff who are dedicated to our business' vision and reason of existence.

We have been able to provide employment to many young people through our business operations in Ghana.

We aim to achieve decent and human working conditions, and workers receive their wages based on their work output, daily, weekly or monthly.

We also offer them transportation allowances among other staff support initiatives.